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Written by Johanna Dehlinger on May 2nd 2014
As navigating today’s food system with its overwhelming choices is becoming ever more complicated, I found myself on a mission to find the simplest possible ways to source and prepare delicious meals from fresh, organic, unprocessed, preferably local ingredients.

I define Minimalist Cooking as: Preparing delicious, healthy meals from fresh, organic, unprocessed, preferably local ingredients made as easy as possible.

Or, as Jules Clancy puts it (she’s a Minimalist Cook and food blogger from Australia): "It’s about helping YOU make healthy meals as quick and easy as possible without sacrificing flavour or resorting to processed crap."

Minimalist Cooking enables you to creatively prepare meals from any ingredients at hand – imagine no recipes, no trips to the store before you want to eat a meal, and no leftover ingredients that you don’t know what to do with.

Besides the immediate impact of helping people eat great, stay healthy, and save time and money, Minimalist Cooking has an impact way beyond the personal level. It puts consumers back in control over what is in their food, reduces food waste (currently 40% of food in the U.S. is wasted, most of it in households), and reduces dependencies on processed foods as well as environmental damages from mass production and shipping foods around the world.

As a Minimalist Cook, you will:

•    Have a few long-lasting ingredients in stock.
•    Buy fresh, organic, unprocessed, preferably local ingredients.
•    Learn how to use creativity as your most valuable ingredient that allows you to create endless delicious variations of several basic processes. (You’ll be surprised how simple it is!)

With these rules you will be able to:

– Eat delicious, healthy meals on a daily basis.

– Rid yourself of recipes. No more books/measuring/cleaning up measuring devices, no more last-minute runs to the store or pondering whether a dish will still come out fine with those one or two ingredients missing that you don’t happen to have.

– Minimize your shopping efforts as you’ll have to make less decisions in the store. No more wandering the aisles for exotic ingredients for specific recipes that pile up in your kitchen afterwards.

– Save time and money by going shopping less frequently.

– Save money by being able to buy fresh foods that are in season or on sale, and by always using everything you bought/not having to throw away food anymore. That's right, no more of those plastic bags with pre-washed-lettuce-turned-brown-liquid in your life (no worries, I'll show you how).

Johanna Dehlinger

Johanna Dehlinger teaches easy home cooking skills to unlikely cooks. After just a few classes, her clients are able to feed themselves quick and easy meals from fresh, unprocessed ingredients, even if they have never cooked before in their lives. That's usually all that's needed to reverse a prediabetes diagnosis quickly. Reach out if you are interested in working with Johanna and schedule a free strategy session today.
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