About Johanna Dehlinger
Johanna is a German native who found herself on a mission for the simplest possible ways of sourcing and preparing delicious meals from fresh, unprocessed ingredients.

Being at heightened risk for diabetes herself, she came up with quick, easy and delicious ways to feed herself unprocessed, fresh foods on a daily basis that were compatible with her busy life as a working professional in the San Francisco Bay Area.

When she found there was interest in her methods, she started offering cooking classes and personal coaching. Since 2014, she has helped many unlikely cooks who were thrilled to find out how simple home cooking can be, even if they had never cooked before in their lives.

Over 50% of adults in California are now prediabetic or diabetic, mainly because of a diet too high in processed foods, sugars, salt, and fat. Making food at home from fresh, unprocessed ingredients has lots of positive effects very quickly and is usually all that's needed in order to reverse a prediabetes diagnosis in six weeks or less.
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